Sunday, November 01, 2015


 This is a design by SweetMeadows Farm.   Chubby Round Snowman.
The pattern called for using plush felt for the head & body but I didn't have any and was anxious to make one of these so I used coffee stained muslin for this one.
The legs/boots are worked onto 1/2" dowel rods, which will be inserted into the body on one end, and the boots end into a wooden base.  My husband has some scrap wood that will work, but it needs cut and we don't have a good saw so he's going to take it to a friend of his to cut for me.  That's a good thing, because hubby is NOT good with tools.  He ALWAYS ends up doing some damage to himself.  He recently was heating and bending a large piece of plexi glass to replace a gumball machine 'globe' with that was cracked and scratched badly.  While bending the plexi glass, it slipped and sliced across 3 of his knuckles.  He's lucky he didn't lose his fingers.  It took him 3 tries to finally get it right and it looks great.  It's taken a week for his knuckles to heal, they kept breaking open and bleeding.  I just don't trust him with a saw.
I  didn't have sherpa fur to attach to the boots and was going to use warm 'n natural but I didn't like how it looked so had hubby take me to JoAnn Fabrics this mornning.  I bought a yard of the sherpa, and a yard of the plush felt because I do plan on making another one of these.  I love it.
I'm getting ready to work on the arms/mittens and hat and then I'm done until I get my wood base back.  Hoping that will be by Tues. so I can get this guy listed.  He will be holding a gingerbread doll.   Will post a photo of the finished snowman tomorrow.


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