Monday, January 04, 2016


 If I were 30 years younger and still had 30+ more years to craft/sew, I would LOVE to have an interior decorator design my room for me.  All cabinets, storage units, etc would be pristine white with DOORS on them except for the shelves that would have my fabric.  There would be no clutter anywhere!  BUT....I'm 63 not 30 and I pray I have at least 7 more years to be able to do what I love, and I don't have the kind of money needed to fulfill my dream.  So with that said, this is MY sewing/craft room.  Cluttered and clean ( as can be expected) but it's all mine!  :)
The tour begins as you enter what used to be my youngest daughter's bedroom.  She moved out 6 years ago and there was a friendly argument between my husband and me on which one of us would get this room.  He wanted it to display some of his jukeboxes and vintage advertising collection, but he already has the entire basement PLUS the garage.  So I won, hands down.
This black cube storage unit is the one I was dissing in my previous post.  It just isn't worth the price I paid for it.  On top I have my CD player and a painted cheese box that holds my few CDs I bought to listen to while I work.  Have you ever walked into a prim shoppe and heard musical instruments playing Appalachian music?  I LOVE it and one of the shoppes was selling a few of their used CDs so I bought them up.  I do have a Stray Cats CD that I like to play when I am cleaning in there, gets me in the groove.  I store my wooden candle holders and vintage large spools on the shelves, and some craft magazines that have patterns still in them.
Next to this cabinet I have a wood cabinet with glass doors that my daughter's boyfriend gave me.  It had belonged to his mother and his parents were retiring to Florida and was pitching it out.  He thought I could use it.  I could!  I store my acrylic paints in it.
I forgot to take pictures of the inside of the closet next to this cabinet, but I have those white plastic storage bins with large drawers ( 4 of them stacked on each other to make 2) filled with supplies like doilies, lace, wooden sewing spools, baby socks for snowmen hats, infant shoes for dolls, pumpkin stems, plastic eggs, etc.  I have 2 large drawers filled with wool for penny rugs and applique.
Next to the closet in the corner I keep some dried flowers.  There is sand in the milk bottle that I use for weighing dolls and other items so they can stand alone.
I bought the Singer sewing machine off Craigslist several years ago - it doesn't work, but I wanted it to set my own machine on.
On the windowsill is a bunny, Halloween cat & doll I won in some Giveaways.  To the right of the sewing machine are 2 metal file cabinets.  One is brown and the other is tan.  I keep my craft patterns in them, separated by seasons and Holidays.  I keep one drawer only for my sale invoices, with folders for supply purchase receipts, business cards, business return labels, that kind of thing.

I had been looking online yesterday for alternative cabinets for my patterns and they were quite expensive.
Then I thought, why spend that much when I already have 2 perfectly fine cabinets even though they are pretty ugly, lol.  I asked my husband if he would paint them for me in the Spring and he hemmed and hawed, but if I badger him enough, hopefully he'll get around to it before next Fall.  He can't paint when the weather is too humid, he says the paint will run.  He's pretty good with a spray can, he paints and re-themes vintage gumball machines.  I just have to decide what color/s I want, all one color, different colored drawers, prim colors, bright colors, hammertone paint....
I will have plenty of time to make up my mind, it's going to be harder to push my husband to get this done for me :/
Moving along,  on top of the brown file cabinet is an oak & glass canister set that I painted black
and glued rusty stars to the lids.  I keep an assortment of buttons in these.
 Above the file cabinets I have several pinkeeps that are my 'collection'.
In the right hand corner is a metal shelf where I keep my pip berry garlands, Spanish moss, preserved moss, grapevines wreaths, seasonal floral picks, styrofoam, florist foam.
And now my work table. I use a utensil holder ( the kind that come with a dish drainer ) to hold my scissors, paint brushes, hemostat & chopsticks that I use when I'm stuffing fabric items.  I have a thread holder next to the lamp, a ceramic mug that holds some pretty feathers that I have plans for and my light box for tracing patterns.  There are 2 plastic tool bins where I keep my rusty jingle bells, safety pins, stars, hearts, beads, a lot of misc. supplies.  I have 4 embroidery floss cases, with some ribbon above them in a wrought iron shower caddy.  The white bins hold all my sewing needles/felting needles/sewing machine needles, stamps/ink, prim tags, and more.  I have a few things under the table as well.  Another large white plastic bin holds my card stock, tissue paper that I use for shipping, some small wood items, and a really large basket that where I store fabric scraps.
To the right of the table I have wooden crates stacked on top of each other to use as shelving storage.  I keep twigs/small branches in the basket and tall tin to use for snowman noses, deer legs/antlers, snowman arms, etc.  The next shelf holds primered tin cans, a cheese box filled with 
vintage wood bobbins, small flags, wood bases.  The lower two crates hold white chenille spreads that I plan to use for prim sheep and snowmen.  I have a big box of polyester filling on the floor
next to the black bookcase.   I wrap my fabric on comic book backing boards.  On the one shelf I keep jute, twine, instant coffee/tea, Mod Podge, German glass glitter, glitter, spray adhesive and shipping tape. On the lower shelf I keep my frames for stitcheries.
On the very top are a couple quilts for cutting up, yarn that I use for doll hair, wool roving, a box full of preserved Sweet Annie and another bin with small felt and wool scraps.
In front of these shelves is a MESS....these are boxes full of items that are listed on Etsy, eBay, in an overstock group I belong to on Face Book,  I need to sell all this so I have room to WALK in here.  Two days ago, I didn't see a large wooden tool box and I broke my toe.  :/
It's not fancy, it's not pretty, but it's all mine  :)  Thank you for stopping by to take a tour of my craft room!


  1. I look at some of those craft rooms with all the white cabinets, shelves and work areas and have severe
    Your craft room looks very organized. I read on one blog about how she updated her metal filing cabinets by using fabric or scrapbook paper on the front of the drawers. Could be a temporary fix until you can get them painted

  2. Denise,looks beautifully organized to me ! A prim Artisans paradise , I too always struggle with what to do with all the "listed stuff" while you wait for it to sell . Pinterest has some great filing cabinet repurposing ideas . Hope your toe isn't throbbing too bad. Happy New Year ...hugs Angela

  3. So nice. I would love to have a sewing/craft room. Yours is so organized. Thank you for this your :)

  4. Love it and I am jealous. At least you have a defined area to craft and can close the door to hide it. I am all over the house and spend at least 45 minutes daily to clean up after myself before husband comes home from work.