Sunday, January 17, 2016


 My intention was to work only on bunnies over the weekend, but once I got finished with this one, I was 'bunnied out' and needed to work on something different.

This bunny is a design by Old Road Primitives.  I've never worked with a gusset before but I don't think I did too badly.     I forgot to add the whiskers when I took this photo, but she has them now.
It took me most of all day yesterday to make her.  The fabric is on the thick side and my fingers were aching by the time I finished her from pushing the needle through, even with a thimble.  I pricked myself several times as well.  :/

So today I opted out of bunny making and decided to try this cute design by Blue MooN BegiNNiNgs.
The bunny is listed in both my selling blog and on Etsy, and I will be listing the Valentine Puppy as well.
Not sure what's on the table tomorrow.  I may have to take a break and get some housework finished before I do anything else.

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  1. The bunny turned out great and that puppy is simply adorable