Sunday, March 06, 2016


 Have not been crafting lately, as I have a house project going on right now.  We just finished painting our bedroom .
Nine years ago I wanted to prim up our bedroom a little.  I never did get around to distressing the furniture but I was happy enough with it until recently, when I found another new 'love', cottage shabby chic.
 The black shelf will be painted ivory and rehung over the bed.  I will put the same quilt back up until I find one that goes better with the 'new' look.  If you'll look at the first photo, you'll notice to the left of the bed, a prim wood framed glass sconce.  I removed the rusty stars and repainted it a light green & distressed it just a little bit. I also plan to add some shabby chic elements to it. My eldest daughter took the barnwood star that was to the right of the bed.  I haven't decided yet if I'm going to sell the barnwood framed photo or repaint the wood and add a new shabby chic photo.

 I painted the large window mirror antique white, and I'm waiting for some supplies to come in to finish it off.   I was even thinking of making a shabby chic rag wreath to hand on it.   I also replaced the burgundy homespun curtains with white crinkled voile panels.  For the time being I have a green and pink pip berry garland laid across the top of the curtains until I find something I like better.
To the right of the window was this black distressed shelf
I repainted it an ivory color with DecoArt Americana Decor Chalky Paint.  I'm still working on it.
I heard this was a great chalky paint to work with.  That you don't need to apply a primer first, as there is some already in it and it normally doesn't take more than one coat.  That was NOT my experience.   I was painting over black, so I figured 2 coats should do it.  It took 4 and still isn't fully covered like I wanted it to be.  I had no plans on distressing this.  I may have to now.  I purchased the round brush that was recommended for applying the varnish and that cost $22.  I thought that was a bit pricey, but hey, if it works good, I'm a happy camper.  NOT.
The bristles keep falling out as I'm applying the varnish!!  It shed as bad as a pet does!  That brush is going back for a refund.  I should still apply another coat of paint but the paint ran out and I really don't want to buy another one and still not be happy with it.   Tom thinks it looks 'ok'.  I'm really not a perfectionist, but I do want it to look GOOD. 
I was planning to paint Tom's dresser, my dresser and the bedside table with a very light green chalky paint called 'whisper'.  I am definitely having second thoughts, not about painting, but using the chalky paint.  Might go with latex after all.
 I bought glass look knobs to replace these.

The pull handles sadly have been neglected over the years.  You can see where dust settled and hardened in the crevices.    Tom had some Brasso cleaner and I cleaned them as best I could.
The plan is to put them back on the dresser after it's painted.  If I don't like the way they look, I'm going to paint them antique white and distress them a bit, to match the switch plate.    In this photo on my computer at least, the switch plate looks a little bit green, but it's antique white.
I also replaced the old ugly duct heater and air return vents with these Victorian look scroll vents.
I love the look.
We are getting rid of the dresser top mirror and on the wall above the dresser will go a big screen TV.  Also getting rid of the TV between our dressers  I am putting a 36" makeup vanity in its place.  After all, I will need a place to put on my makeup and do my hair.  I looked at white vanities and just didn't like them, I went with cherry wood and have no plans to paint it.
  I purchased some vintage look dresser scarves for the vanity and the dressers and also to put on the wall shelves, to drape over the fronts a bit.
How is Tom with the new feminine look?  He's just fine.  Said I could do whatever I wanted to, after all he only plans to sleep in there and maybe lock himself in there when the grand kids get too boisterous so he can watch his sports on the bigger screen.

I purchased these online over the last 2 weeks.

In the photo this sconce looks white, but it's a very light pink.
I love the crystal hanging off the bottom.

I bought the birdcage, birds & letter B on our last trip to Lancaster, PA and they have been in the living room, but I will be moving them into the bedroom too.
I'm looking forward to our Chicago trip that will be coming up after Easter so I can look for some shabby treasures in the antique shops along the way.


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