Wednesday, March 09, 2016


 I hung the quilt shelf over our bed this afternoon.  I still need to apply another coat of paint to the wood hanger that sits in the grooves and then varnish it.
I have a vintage lace dresser scarf draped over the shelf.  The painted mason jar isn't going to be staying up there, my grand daughter wanted it in the photo.  Tom painted 3 jars for me today.  This cream colored one, a coral rose color and a light green.  These will be going on the larger shelf when it's finished.  It just needs the soft touch varnishing.  I hope to have that done tomorrow.
 While waiting for paint and varnishes to dry, I started to work on my shabby rag wreath.
This is the fabric and lace I used.
And this is what I have done so far
I've been doing 5 rows of the fabric, then 2 rows of lace.
I received some embellishments in the mail today that I had planned on adding to the window mirror, but they are much smaller than I had imagined.  I'll have to use them for something else.
What do you think so far?

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  1. everything's looking good. I have no patience for waiting for paint to dry :)