Thursday, April 07, 2016


 While on our latest trip,  I found these 'vintage' Syroco Home Interior items in an antique booth.  They were the original color of gold but I had Tom spray paint them white for me.  I love how they turned out.
I also bought this lamp, but was not crazy about the shade.
 So I bought a new one from Bed Bath & Beyond in a bell shape.  I'm going to be adding some trim to the bottom, but haven't decided yet if it will be white fringe trim or something else.
I also bought this lamp ( antique store) and while I do like the shade, I'm just not sure it looks right with this decor.
I'm also undecided right now about the base.  My original plan was to paint it white, but the more I look at it, the more I like it just as it is.  So for now, I'm not going to do anything.

Another antique store purchase is this framed picture.  I loved the colors, it matches the room.  My original plan was to paint the frame white but I thought I'd ask Tom what he thought.  He won't admit it, but he does like when I ask his opinion.  He thinks there is too much white in the room and he likes the gold in the frame, plus there is gold in the art work itself.  
Those are silk hand made flowers in the 'art work' with gemstones in the centers.
I forgot to take a photo of this decorative piece before Tom painted it for me, it was black with bronze tones.  Again, it was going to be 'white' but since we went with the gold frame and this is hung on the same wall, I had him paint the accent piece gold too.
The picture on the left is one our daughter bought him for Father's day about 10 years ago and I'm going to have him paint the frame gold as well.
Can't see the print, but it's very meaningful and beautiful.

Had to order more of the mint green chalky paint so I can do Tom's dresser, then the furniture will be all finished.  The last thing will be area rugs.  Those ARE going to be WHITE if I have my way.  I found this rug in a local store we have here called  Home Store and I fell in love with them, they were SO SOFT - perfect for a bedroom.  I found them online HERE  at Target and I learned that it is made of 50% recycled paper!!!  They are rather expensive.  I would need a 5x8 and a 3x5.  With shipping they would cost me over $400.  Will have to do some comparison shopping.
The care instructions say they need to be professionally cleaned, but I'm wondering what running a vacuum cleaner over them would do.  Do any readers have any experience with this type of rug?


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  1. I like both the lamps and the bell shade does look way better on that first one.
    Love that rug. I've never had one so can't say about the vacuuming