Monday, June 20, 2016


We've been busy with 4 grandkids' baseball games.  Ayden's (age 9) team won all their games this season and was in the tournament on Saturday.  They had a game at 9am and won that one so had another one at 11:00 am, also won that one which meant they were in another game at 5 pm.  If they won this one they had one more at 8pm, if they lost they were done.  They lost.  It's not surprising considering these girls played 3 games already in 87 degree weather with that hot sun beating on them all day.  One of their coaches even collapsed during the third game with heat stroke ~ yet the games continued.  :/

     Yesterday, for Father's Day the family went to Kennywood Amusement Park.  We've been doing this for the last 16 years but Tom and I opted out last year because the temp was in the 90's.  We stayed home and enjoyed our nice cool pool.  Since our youngest grandchild is now 2 1/2 we thought we'd go this year to watch him enjoy Kiddie Land.  NOT.  Poor kid was terrified of everything but the baby swings.  It was a very hot day in the upper 80's, not too humid, but still too hot for ME.  While I did get that Cortizone shot in my hip for the bursitis last week, it was too much walking for me ( and trust me, I stopped and rested in the shade A LOT ) and I was hurting.  Tom and I left for home close to 6 pm ( 7 hrs at the park).  We were both beat and he was in bed by 10.  I stayed up to wait for granddaughters Jordyn (16) and Ayden as they wanted to spend the night.   When they got here though I gave them the TV remote and went to bed.  In the morning they told me they ended up going to sleep too.  It was an exhausting day.  Tom says he's 'rethinking' next year..and we may opt out again. We're sadly getting 'too old for this sh*t' he claims.  haha

   I've also been busy with the largest order I've ever received.  A customer saw one of my prim homespun rag garlands in my Etsy shop and ordered 9. 

 I have 3 finished so far.  I knew I'd be running out of the buttons that I use on the yoyo flowers in the garland and found them on eBay ~ purchased them on Friday and they've not even been shipped out yet - yikes!!  :/


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  1. I often say I'm getting too old for this sh*
    That's awesome on the big order