Saturday, December 31, 2016


      Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. 
     This one was very special for me as my husband Tom bought me a ring.  I was never engaged and when we were married in 1973, we had to use a cheap costume ring as a wedding band that turned my finger green and led to horrible itching.  When I was pregnant with our third child in 1980, Tom surprised me with a wedding set.  He said it was very inexpensive ($200) but I was honestly thrilled to death. It turns out my younger sister's husband and Tom went shopping together and we both got the same set!  She was pregnant with her first child.  In 1984 we moved.  One day I was cleaning out the fridge and I don't know how it happened, but the small diamond was sliced right off the engagement ring and we never did find it.  I wore the band for a few more years and when the 3 tiny diamond chips fell out ( again, couldn't find them) I took it off and put it away.  I had hinted over the years that I would like to have a new wedding band.  It didn't have to be expensive - I just wanted HIM to choose it and surprising me with it would have been nice.  He surprised me alright. . . .  I never got one.  About 20 years ago we just stopped exchanging Christmas gifts.  But every year right before my birthday which falls on   Dec. 6th, he will ask me what I want.  It's always the same thing, a wedding band.  I would get $30 in cash and most of the time we'd go out to dinner.  One night a few months ago, my daughters and I were talking and the subject of rings came up and Tom was within earshot so I made it pretty clear that I've been upset that I didn't have a wedding band.  So, on my birthday Tom asks me his usual question and I replied "the same thing I've been wanting for the past 30 some years".  He replies with "and I want a new truck."  He hands me $40 this year - and he didn't take me out to dinner.  I decided then and there, that was IT, I was NEVER going to ask for a ring again, and it would serve him right if someday some really cute guy came on to me because he didn't know I was married, LOL.  Yeah right. 
     Christmas Eve, we were watching our daughters and their families open their gifts from us and it was a really fun evening.  The grand kids were really happy with their gifts and the youngest, Rami age 3 was having a great time helping his aunt Nicki pass out the gifts.  He brings me a gift bag over and says "CANDY!" and pulls out a box of raisinettes, which I love!  There was some more chocolates in the bag, and a bottle of brandy.  I didn't have my reading glasses on so I asked who the gift was from and Tom says it was from him.  I was VERY surprised because like I said earlier, we haven't been buying each other Christmas gifts.  I felt bad because I didn't have anything for him.   He said that there was something else in the bag that I hadn't opened, but the bag was empty.  Rami had taken a medium sized box out, lol and claimed it as his.  He finally gave it to me and I had no idea what was in it.  There was another box inside that one... a Zales jewelers box.  I honestly thought it might be a necklace as Zales has had a ton of commercials on TV with pretty heart necklaces and I was keeping my fingers crossed.  Imagine my surprise when I opened it and there was a ring nestled inside.  Not a wedding band, but a ring that 'could' pass for an engagement ring.

I started to cry.  My two youngest grand daughters (7 & 10 ) started to cry.  I was just so darned HAPPY.  No, it's not exactly what I've been asking for, but it's the next best thing.  Tom told me later that evening that he had already bought it a couple weeks BEFORE my birthday, but wanted to give it to me at Christmas.
     My second special gift is actually for both Tom and myself from our daughters.  It just seems that we can never get all 5 grand kids together for a photo.  A few weeks ago they bought all the kids new PJ's and took them up to Mt. Washington ( it overlooks downtown Pittsburgh, a beautiful view) and took dozens of pics until they got one where one of the kids eyes weren't closed or one wasn't making a goofy face - took 30 tries they said.
They chose one and had it enlarged and put on canvas.  We are thrilled with it.  Poor kids had to take off their coats and it was a really cold day with snow. 

My wish for all of my readers is that you have a very happy, healthy and safe 2017



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  1. What a nice surprise. It's a really pretty ring. Great picture of aĺl the kids too