Saturday, January 21, 2017


 I actually made this cute Extreme Prim Valentine Puppy last week.  I've made him once before, about a year ago.   I need to move the back spool back a ways, too close to the center. 
I've had this heart pattern for a while now and decided yesterday to give it a try.  I am not happy with my muslin 'ruffle' around the edge of the heart.  It called for a 24" length, but I personally, needed it longer because I ran about an 1.5" short and had to piece it and I just don't like it, not enough to add to my shop.  Also, the cording around the middle heart should be gold, but I didn't have any and used jute string in place, and just don't care for it.  My darling 10 year old grand daughter Ayden loves it however and said not to toss it out, she will take it.  Since I have a general idea of how to put it together now, I'm hoping the next one will be nicer. 
Both of my prim hearts/envelopes have sold, so I need to make a few more.
Going to spending today and tonight with 2 of my daughters and 4 of the grandkids.  It's so beautiful out today, will take them to the park, then an early dinner and checking into a local hotel where they have a swimming pool.  We got the room for free so will take advantage of it!
Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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  1. That puppy valentine is such a cute design. I think your heart is wonderful.