Saturday, March 17, 2018


A friend from my Bunco group recently asked if I'd ever made Memory Bears.  I have not, but I do sew for my Etsy shop....and I've made bunnies, dolls, goats, sheep, crows, among other things.  As long as I have a pattern, I can make it.  (Most of the time, lol)

So I went and purchased a cute easy looking pattern and made my first bear for my 11 year old grand daughter Ayden.  We weren't doing a 'memory' bear, so she chose some fabric out of my fabric stash and this is the result.

Ayden loves her bear but asked if I could sew 2 buttons down the front, so I bought a pink button and a blue button.  I'll do that this weekend.
Now of course, 8 yr. old Bella and 4 year old Rami want a bear too  💕
Bella chose a pretty paisley fabric ( which is dark colors)  and I didn't have anything boyish for Rami, but he chose a colorful Patriotic fabric with stars.  

My friend's brother passed away in November and since then a new grandson has been born and I will be making that bear from his flannel shirt.

Another friend ( more my daughter's friend, but she's also in our Bunco group and always at parties hosted by my daughter) said she had a proposition for me.  She used to sew, but her machine has been broken for several years and never bought a new one.  She wanted me to go in with her and make 2 sided table runners/cloths/mats and sell them at craft shows.  I told her I'd need a few days to think it over and I had to decline.  The #1 reason is because it would take me away from doing what I love to do and that's making my primitive/folkart crafts and #2 since my husband retired 7 years ago, we've been doing some traveling and I never know when we are are going to be away, so craft shows are not a good option for me.  I felt bad turning her down, but it is the best thing for me.


My dad was 100% Irish.   My mother was what she referred to as 'Mongrel'...She had some Welsh from both her father and mother,  English from her father & German, Pennsylvania Dutch from her mother's side of the family.


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