Thursday, March 15, 2018


My goodness, I didn't realize I'd stopped blogging here for a full year!  It's been a very busy time with family and trips.

In April of 2017 Tom and I went out to California for 10 days staying at a relative's home in Long Beach.  Had a wonderful time visiting movie studios, going on tours, to the beach, being in studio audiences for a few of our favorite sitcoms.  Went to flea markets that they refer to as swap meets, a few times a week.  Here in West. PA flea markets are only open during the weekends.  Out there they are open daily.

In July Tom contracted either poison oak or poison sumac ( never did know which one it was) and on his birthday, which was the 11th, he was admitted to the hospital as bacteria set in and it was diagnosed as cellulitis.  This was on his lower leg a few inches up from his ankle.  Ankle and leg were badly swollen.
He was in the hospital for nearly 2 weeks.  He also developed an infection called streptococcus.
When he got out of the hospital, this is what his leg looked like.
Moving on....our youngest daughter Nicki and her boyfriend of 10 years finally got married.  They had a destination wedding in Jamaica and the whole immediate family went.  Her sisters Deana and Carey were bridesmaids and Deana's daughter Jordyn (17)  was maid of honor.  Deana's 9 year old daughter Ayden and Carey's 7 year old daughter Bella were flower girls and Carey's 3 year old son Rami was ring bearer.

Tom and me with our grandson Jonah who was 14 at the time.

Jordyn, Carey & Deana 

Ayden & Bella


The bride and groom

We were in Jamaica for 8 days.  It was just wonderful, had a grand time.

We had a bride and groom wedding shower for Nicki and Bob in May on Memorial weekend at Deana's home.

My niece made the cookies

A bunco friend has her own home based baking business and made the cupcakes for us.

maid of honor and bride to be

Grand daughter Jordyn will be graduating HS in June and instead of a graduation party she wants to go on a cruise.  She even wants her gramma and poppy to go along!  Isn't she a sweetheart? 

This will also be Tom's and my first cruise.  We are flying to Miami and spending the day and night and then board our ship Norwegian Sky for a 3 day cruise to the Bahamas.  We leave next week.
We're all very excited!


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