Friday, April 13, 2018


UGH.   I got sick on our last full day of our cruise.  The dreaded FLU.  While everyone else was enjoying a lovely dinner, watching a show and going into a jacuzzi on the top deck, I was in bed.   The next day we got to Miami and got off the ship at 8:30.  We couldn't get into our hotel until 4:00 that afternoon, so everyone ( but me) wanted to walk in South Beach.  I literally had to walk around with a plastic bag full of kleenex.  I had a fever, was existing on cough drops and TheraFlu and a cough supressant.  Not much of an appetite.  The family decided to drive to Key Largo and Key West to have a look see and have lunch.  I took the time in the rental van to close my eyes and get some semblance of a rest.  We stopped at a nice place for lunch and I ordered a conch chowder.  Soup was the only thing I wanted.  When we were able to get into our hotel room, I went straight to bed.  Tom stayed with me and the rest of the family drove to downtown Miami for a late dinner.  The following morning we had to check out and drove to Fort Louderdale for the afternoon.  All I wanted to do was go to bed.  Had no bed, had no room.😭 Nothing worse than being sick on a trip.  Our rental van had to be back by 5pm and we took a shuttle to the airport.  Our plane was delayed an hour.  So I'm sitting in the airport, runny nose, coughing up my lungs.  People avoided sitting near me, can't blame that for that.  The whole time I'm thinking, what if the plane is full....SOMEONE is going to have to sit with us since there are 3 seats.  As it turned out, the plane WAS full.....but someone must have missed the flight because I sat near the window and Tom sat in the middle, which left the aisle seat.  No one ever sat there!!😄 Tom moved over to the aisle seat so the middle seat was vacant, allowing us both more room.  I heard a lot of coughing on that plane, so I wasn't the only one sick.  All I could think about was getting home in my own bed.  We had to take a shuttle to the parking lot where our daughter's Suburban was parked.  It is now a little after midnight.  When my son-in-law got in the van, he noticed the left rear tire was at 3 lbs.  He freaked out that the workers there were driving on a flat tire.  It's a really LONG story, so I won't get into it, but we never got home til 4 am.  and we only live 15 minutes from the airport.

ON with the photos

We are in the port at Nassau

We are in port at Great Stirrup Cay

These 4 went snorkeling and took along some fruit loops cereal.  Someone my daughter Deana works with told her to take them underwater with her and to let them out of the bag and that dozens of colorful fish would just 'show up'.  So she tried it and said IT REALLY WORKS!!


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