Friday, May 25, 2018


Last week my middle daughter and her husband took a trip to Banff, Alberta in Canada.  I stayed at their home with their 8 yr old and 4 yr old.  for 6 days.  I really enjoyed spending that time with the grandkids.
While the kids and I were keeping cool in the house with the AC on, my daughter sent this photo from Lake Louise.  She's glad she took a jacket and hat, and said it did snow a bit.

Last night was my eldest grand daughter's senior prom.  She's not dating anyone, and neither is her friend Jermaine, so they went to the prom together.

Today I dusted off the sewing machine and started working on another fabric teddy bear.  This one I will be listing on Etsy.  
It's going to be time to start working on Fall items...and we are just now getting ready to open the pool. . . . but ran into a problem with a part breaking in the pump and the company we bought it from may have gone out of business.  😨

Hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial weekend.


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