© The Krazy Kraft Lady- Denise Bailey
All Rights Reserved  Dec. 30, 2012

Although this tutorial shows a Valentine themed tree, you can theme it any way you like!  In Greens for St. Patricks, Autumn colors for Halloween, red & green for Christmas, or go crazy with different patterns/colors and just have fun!

wood spool or wood candlestick holder
3 cardboard/ paper mache cones ( check eBay, Etsy, Michaels or Joanns)
3 different fabrics in shades of red, pink or cream - torn into 1" strips
hot glue sticks
hot glue gun
string beads in red or silver or white

Decide on which fabric will be on the first ( bottom) cone.  Cut or tear fabric into 1" strips.  Take one end of a fabric strip and hot glue to bottom edge of a cone.  Twist fabric slightly and continue to glue onto cone.  Repeat until halfway up the cone.  Take second cone and place over the bottom cone.  If you can still see the cardboard, you need to add a couple more rows of strips.  When you can no longer see the cardboard, you can start on the second cone.  Repeat the twist and glue process as before.  Place third cone on top of the second cone.  If you cannot see the cardboard, you are good to go and can get started on your third cone.  This one you will continue to twist and glue until it is COMPLETELY covered and to finish off the top, twist and turn the fabric into the open hole at the top and glue so it stays firmly in place.
Take your first bottom cone and at the top of where your fabric ended, cover in hot glue and place your second cone on top of this, hold firmly for a second or two.  
On your second cone, add glue to the top of the cone where your fabric ended and cover with third cone.  Hold firmly in place for a few seconds.
Add hot glue around the TOP SIDES of your wood spool and place cone tree over it.  Push the spool up as far as it will go and hold until glue sets.
Take your string beads and wrap around bottom of  middle cone and cut where beads meet.  Carefully hot glue in place.  About every 3 beads is good.  Repeat on the top cone.